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icon1024_PROThe Whole Brain Alphabet Puzzle App PRO VERSION offers 26 puzzles A thru Z with 3 matching modes (color to color, line art to line art, and color to silhouette) totaling 78 different puzzles. Each puzzle focuses on one letter of the alphabet and features six original illustrations depicting each word. The PRO VERSION also has Boy and Girl voice options. Players can choose to have a boy or a girl speaking the words to further engage the child’s sense of play. Not only do players have fun matching pictures but they also hear the word spoken by another child, and see the spelling. Children can start learning how to read, speak and write some early English words.

That’s not all… the PRO VERSION also has DATA COLLECTION. The PRO VERSION collects data for the puzzle played, match mode, the number of stacks in the gameplay tray, the score and the date played. Words were carefully selected by a master’s level speech language pathologist for their developmental and educational value. This app was developed by a Master’s level Licensed Speech Language Pathologist and a 15 year veteran of the video game industry.

This app is perfect for therapists, education conscious parents as well as ESL learners.

  • 26 unique puzzles
  • Data Collection
  • Boy or Girl Voice Option
  • Color, Line Art, Silhouette Matching Modes
  • Number of stacks 1, 2, or 3
  • Written word for the visual learner, pre-reading and writing skills
  • Based on applied behavioral principles
  • Normative data
  • Full of early vocabulary including nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions and emotions as well as varying Consonant Vowel and Consonanot Vowel Consonant combinations

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ SLP by JKaramol ” This is my new FAVORITE APP!”
★★★★★ Making learning fun! by Jmwink – “Simple, intuitive, and effective.”
★★★★★ Occupational Therapistby Tiffany OT – “Highly recommended for parents and therapists alike.”


The Whole Brain Alphabet Puzzle App

Our ABC app focuses on typically developing children as well as children with Autism, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and speech and language delays.  The premise behind Whole Brain Edutainment is to create therapeutic and educational Speech Therapy App for Kids.  Our first app featuring the alphabet includes early vocabulary consisting of nouns, pronouns and verbs. Articulation and language are addressed through the use of 1 syllable words and varying consonant vowel combinations within the beginning of words.  Cognitive skills including matching are also addressed giving the user three modes to choose from in the Pro Version:  color to color, color to silhouette, and line art to line art.  We included the option of choosing between girl and boy voices to further engage the child’s sense of play.

Pair our ABC app with our free coloring pages and the learning opportunities expand. The written word appears in the app for each match made and is provided on all of the coloring pages so children can begin to learn the spelling of early vocabulary.




  • 26 unique puzzles
  • Boy Voice
  • Color Mode
  • Select the number of stacks

A – E Version is FREE!


  • 26 unique puzzles
  • Boy Voice
  • Color Mode
  • Try it out and see why you will want the PRO!


All Versions NOW AVAILABLE on the App Store and all Android Devices!

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